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2023-24 Century Club Members

We are so incredibly grateful for the support from our fantastic Century Club members.
Below is a list of our 2023-24 team.

All-American ($1,000)
Richard and Sandy Moore
Dennis Schipke

All-Conference ($250)
Patience Hervey
John Merrill
Carrie Monlux
J. David Thomas

Century ($100)
Tom and Cheri Anderson
Bob Ballew
Nataly Bassett
John Blacklock
Christie Boggs
Monica Boyes
Judith Brown
Bob and Barbara Clements
Joe Coppini
Russ Critchfield
John Dahlmeier
Steve DeMaggio
Lon Denison
William Luden
Bill and Colleen McGinnis
Orland Livestock Commission Yard, Inc.
Dan Lacko Painting
Larry and Peggy Snelling
Brendan Vieg
Willie Thomas